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Word of Mouth is a Powerful Form of Advertising!
Thursday, February 26, 2009

If you are a "Skilled Artisan" and make a living from crafting your own products, I am interested in reviewing them for you on my blog! My reviews are always honest and accurate, and will include photos of me using your item.

After ten days I will email you a draft of what I’m going to post. Since I do this free-of-charge, my evaluation will be as factual as possible and without favoritism. You will be given the right to postpone or stop the review from being published but if you approve of my review, you will not be able to influence the outcome of what & how I write it (unless there are critical errors in need of correction).

Word-of-mouth is a very powerful form of advertising! Your buyers need to know a little more about you and your hand-made products other than just photos on your webstore. It’s not enough to make a “lucky” sale ---you need to be able to depend on repeat business!

Having an independent third-party non-commissioned reviewer (like my self) evaluate your product(s) can instantly raise your customers’ trust in your products and reputation! What better way to make your presence known online than having an unbiased assessment made on the workmanship of your items!

Think of it for a moment; if you want to buy a painting for your fireplace and want to get it from an Etsy store but don’t know a thing about the merchants, aren’t you going to ask around? Wouldn’t you prefer shopping from a merchant whom others have rated as “top-notch”?

Don’t forget that many handcrafted items have a “sold as is” clause and some are non-refundable. That’s because Crafting, like Art is subjective and what you’re paying for is uniqueness, creativity and the cost of the materials.

Therefore, it’s at times like these when you (as the merchant) will want someone to verify the quality of your items so your customers can shop with more confidence from your online store!

If you would like to have me review one of your products, leave me a comment here or email me (subject line=REVIEW) and I will respond as quickly as possible.

My reviews will stay up on my blog permanently from where you can link-out to your storefront or website. In addition to the free exposure you will get on my site, I will also bookmark the review in several well-known social media networks & forums including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YahooBuzz, MSNLive, Delicious, Digg, Technorati, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Kaboodle, Ms. Biz Directory, Fabulously40, The Mom Pack and The Mommy Blogger Directory!

In return for this free service I request 2 of 5 things:
a) subscribe to my blog either by email or rss /atom feed;
b) add my link to your website using the "review me" button;
c) refer 3 friends who WANT a review done of their products;
d) fave my blog in all your social media accounts (delicious, technorati, etc.);
e) do a small “spotlight” feature about my blog on your site.

When you’ve completed this small requirement, I will be ready to publish my review for you!

NOTE: If I've bought an item from you, my review will be automatic without asking your permission! As a consumer, I reserve the right to give my opinion on the quality & professionalism of your company!

Finally, once I am done using your item, you agree that I can donate it locally to my community. If your item doesn’t have tags, stickers or logos, make sure you include your business card with all your information. This will further increase your advertising power!

Places I'd like to make donations to:

-T-Town Paws (animal shelter)
-Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter (adoption center)
-Humane Society of West Alabama (adoptions, rescues, spay/neuter info, pet education, pet-finder services)
-Volunteers of America (helps homeless, disabled, elderly)
-Habitat for Humanity (food, shelter & rebuilding poverty zones)
-Merrill Gardens (retirement & nursing)
-Skyland Oaks (assisted living /retirement)
-Playhouse Christian Academy (daycare, preschool)
-Childcare Network (daycare, preschool)
-Tender Loving Care (edu-care center)
-Children’s Hands-On Museum (educational center of arts & sciences)
-Arts Council School Program (supporting the arts program in public schools)
-Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (wildlife preservation)
-University of Alabama Arboretum (hiking trails, native flora, green house collections & education)
-Department of Environmental Services (recycling program, make a difference program, meet Ricky the Recycling Raccoon program)

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