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Terrific Hand-made eReader Case
Friday, December 24, 2010

I've been looking for an eReader case /sleeve for nearly 3 weeks but couldn't find one I liked. The ones at Best Buy were too "businessy" and the ones on Amazon.com were too expensive. Not to mention the size I needed was not a standard size!

So when I found the Wallaby Bag Company on Etsy.com I was ecstatic! The shop owner was quick to respond. I emailed the dimensions of my device and the fabric I wanted and I was reassured that "it wouldn't be a problem because all items are made individually to accommodate customers' needs!" WOW! Now That's What I Like to Hear!!!

When my item finally arrived, I opened the package with great anticipation and I was not disappointed at all! It came in a large padded envelope and it was wrapped in tissue wrapping paper with a sticker label on the front.

Wallaby Bag Company on Etsy
I really liked the label; it was cordial and professional but not "corporate" looking!

I examined the eReader case making sure it was made to my specifications. My device fit just perfect with about 1/4 inch space all around. The inside of padded, the seams were all well made and the zipper was perfect!

ereader padded case cover sleeve
Enough padding to protect the eReader but not to much to make it bulky!
ereader padded case cover sleeve
Zipper has nylon teeth and will not scratch eReader. Very nice stitching!

I am very pleased with my purchase but even more pleased to have found such a great crafter on Etsy!

I didn't realize it at the time, but the Wallaby Bag Company offers a few extra perks that other sellers don't:

*100% cotton fabric reinforced with heavy-weight interfacing for added durability.
*Non-scratch zipper closure.
*Scotch Guard spill and stain protection.
*Double stitched at the seams for strength and durability.


Report Card: A+

Delivery: 5 out of 5 (3 days to make, 7 days for shipping)
Presentation: 5 out of 5 - wrapped to keep dust out; nice sticker label
Finished Product: Quality work! Very professional!
Availability: Great inventory & variety; also makes Custom Orders
Price: $19.99 (excellent price!)
Shipping Rate: $4 (does NOT inflate shipping cost to make extra money)
Shopping: Etsy.com with PayPal cart
Crafter's Experience: Advanced skill & knowledge
Recommendation: Excellent Crafter, Delivers Quality, believes in Customer Satisfaction! 


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